Compliance schemes

Compliance schemes organise the collection, sorting and recycling of sales packaging. While a compliance scheme means a system operator, the dual system refers to the overall system of collection of near-household packaging as a second system in addition to the existing public waste disposal system. In accordance with the Packaging Ordinance, every manufacturer and operator who first distributes sales packaging which typically ends up with private end consumers is obliged to participate in a compliance scheme – what is referred to as an exemption system Through its company Reclay Systems GmbH, the Reclay Group operates two compliance schemes, thereby ensuring legally compliant packaging licensing and the fulfilment of all legal requirements of the Packaging Ordinance. As a compliance scheme, Reclay Systems GmbH commissions disposal companies to pick up packaging waste that has been thrown away by end consumers on a regular basis. The reusable materials recovered are then processed and recycled in sorting and recycling plants. Any manufacturer/distributor who does not license its sales packaging properly is violating the Packaging Ordinance. As a result, this can lead to high fines or a nationwide ban on delivering sales packaging to private end consumers. The Reclay Group would be delighted to advise you on all matters related to your packaging licensing.

activate – by Reclay: ideal for licensing small quantities of packaging

Through the online platform activate – by Reclay, the Reclay Group, via Reclay Systems GmbH, offers the ideal solution for anyone having to license only small quantities of sales packaging. All quantities that are covered in this way are fully licensed by Reclay Systems GmbH’s compliance schemes. As a result, the legal provisions from the Packaging Ordinance are fulfilled. What makes activate - by Reclay special: You do not have to enter into a long-term contractual relationship. Reclay Systems GmbH offers you fair prices without setting a minimum order value. The packaging licensing can be set up quickly and easily in just a few minutes via our online shop, without any unnecessary paperwork. You can obtain your quantity confirmation in just three steps: After a brief registration, you can enter the volume of your packaging, broken down into the materials aluminium, paper, cardboard, tinplate, natural materials and plastic. The costs for the return and recycling of your sales packaging are determined straight away. Following the successful conclusion of the payment process, you will immediately receive an order confirmation and an invoice which confirms that the packaging will be taken back and recycled via the Reclay Systems GmbH compliance schemes and thus all legal obligations in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance have been fulfilled.

Free licensing frequencies

You can repeat this process as often as necessary throughout the year. activate - by Reclay offers free licensing frequencies and can therefore be tailored to your personal requirements. There are attractive discount levels for early licensees available: The earlier in the year the quantities are licensed, the greater the volume pooling effect. This means that correspondingly cheaper prices for packaging licensing can be offered. After the licence year expired, all customers are automatically sent an annual quantity certificate for the licensed quantities via the online shop, which can be submitted as evidence to the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), if necessary. In activate - by Reclay, we offer a simple and transparent solution, while providing maximum convenience and legal compliance at the same time.

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