The term disposal refers to all processes and activities that are used to dispose of or recycle waste. Compliance schemes, which organise the collection, sorting and recycling of sales packaging nationwide, are responsible for the disposal of packaging waste. The goal is to disposal with as high-quality recycling as possible, i.e. the reuse of used packaging as raw materials for new packaging or products. The proportion of packaging waste that is taken back and recycled by compliance schemes amounts to around six million tonnes per year. In accordance with the Packaging Ordinance, every manufacturer and operator to first distribute sales packaging which typically ends up with private end consumers is obliged to participate in a compliance scheme – which is referred to as an exemption system . This also applies for smaller manufacturers or tradespeople who only sell a few products per year via an online platform, for example.

Through its company Reclay Systems GmbH, the Reclay Group operates two compliance schemes, thereby ensuring legally compliant packaging licensing and the fulfilment of all legal requirements of the Packaging Ordinance. In addition, upon request you can receive advice on all matters relating to the legally compliant disposal of the packaging you put onto the market. During disposal, packaging waste goes through a number of different processing stages. For collection, the compliance schemes commission disposal companies, who collect the used packaging from homes and then bring it to a sorting plant. There are special sorting technologies in the plants for the different types of materials, such as tinplate, aluminium, plastic, cardboard/paper and glass. The sorted and treated reusable materials are then handed over to a recovery company for raw material and thermal recycling.

Legally compliant disposal via activate – by Reclay

By licensing your packaging via our online portal activate – by Reclay, your used packaging will be involved in the disposal process. By doing so, you will make an important contribution to environmental protection and ensure that the manufacturing industry is supplied with important secondary raw materials. Licensing your packaging takes just a few minutes. You enter the volume of your packaging, sorted by material type. Payment is then made straight away. You do not have to enter into a long-term contractual relationship. You will then receive an email with your invoice and a quantity certificate that confirms that your packaging is part of the disposal process via the Reclay Group in accordance with the law. With activate – by Reclay, you yourself determine when and how often you report your packaging quantities.

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