Exemption System

Even smaller businesses have to register their packaging in a compliance scheme.

Anyone who fills packaging with goods and passes it on to an end consumer is obliged to assume responsibility for the proper return of its packaging materials according to the Packaging Ordinance Packaging Ordinance, Section 6 Para. 1) as amended by the seventh revision of 17 July 2014. It doesn’t matter whether you trade as a mail-order company, manufacturer or importer. By fulfilling your legal packaging obligations, you are making an important contribution to environmental protection, as many of the materials returned such as cardboard, various plastics and metals can be processed, thereby saving natural resources. Of course, in a small number of cases, you as the sender of the products can offer collection points at the customer’s site or even pick up the materials from your customers. The alternative is to register packaging in an exemption system. Participation in a compliance scheme is specified in Section 6 Para. 1 of the Packaging Ordinance as being a suitable option for fulfilling your legal packaging-related obligations. To that your packaging takes part in an exemption system, you can simply license the packaging you have distributed with Reclay Systems GmbH. This is all you need to do to satisfy your legal obligations. You should remember that it is not only your customers in private households who count as your end consumers, but also government facilities, freelancers and cultural institutions. In fact anyone who does not sell on the products you deliver to them in their original form. The Reclay corporate group has been offering packaging licensing to industry, retail and trade customers via the company Reclay Systems GmbH since 2002. In order to facilitate the participation in an excemption system for small companies, the online shop activate – by Reclay was set up in 2014, where you can license your packaging easily and inexpensively. Here, you can license your packaging in a matter of minutes.

Use of the activate online shop is particularly worthwhile for traders and manufacturers with small packaging volumes. There is no minimum order value. The online platform clearly guides you through the activation process and registers your quantities for a Reclay Systems GmbH exemption system. To do this, you simply have to enter the total weight per fraction of the packaging that you plan to distribute into the form. In many cases, you can even use a traditional set of kitchen scales to determine the weight of the packaging. The best way to estimate your total volume is on the basis of sales figures from previous periods. To finish, choose your payment option and confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. You will then receive a certificate of quantities confirming the packaging registered in the exemption system. This serves as proof that your packaging quantities are part of a compliance scheme. With activate – by Reclay, not only are you yourself defining when and how often you register your packaging quantities for participation in a compliance scheme, but you also avoid the need to enter into any long-term contractual commitments. activate – by Reclay is completely transparent and legally watertight. No matter how low your packaging quantities, you will receive the legally required certificate of quantities and can download this online at any time. A general overview is provided once per year. If you want to save some money, you can use our discount model. Register your quantities for this model at the start of the year. You will save 25 percent in the first quarter, 20 percent in the second and 10 percent in the third. If you have distributed more packaging than you originally estimated, then you can register this additional packaging volume with activate – by Reclay at any time. If you have any questions about activate – by Reclay, please contact the Reclay Group by telephone or using the web form.

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