Packaging waste contains valuable raw materials. With the help of effective recycling, these raw materials can be processed and converted into new products. Recycling is helping to tackle the challenges of ever-dwindling resources as well as to protect the environment. Compliance schemes such as Reclay Systems GmbH - ensure that used packaging is recycled. They take responsibility for ensuring that packaging is picked up from private households and similar points of waste origin, sorted, processed and used as a raw material for new products and packaging. The recycling quotas are legally prescribed for many types of materials in Germany. The compliance schemes must meet these quotas and keep an annual volume flow record. In accordance with the Packaging Ordinance, the following quotas apply for the recycling of materials: Glass 75%, tinplate 70%, aluminium 60%, paper and cardboard 70%, compounds 60%. For plastics, there is a material recycling quota of 36% and an overall recycling quota of 60%. The purpose of Reclay Systems GmbH is to provide the best recycling possible for packaging waste, and therefore the highest material recycling possible. The Reclay Systems GmbH already exceeds the legally stipulated quotas and is thereby making a major contribution to protecting the environment.

With activate – by Reclay you can also do your part in recycling. All packaging that you register via the online portal is licensed under Reclay Systems GmbH’s compliance schemes and is involved in viable recycling. Thanks to ultra-modern sorting systems and technically innovative processing facilities, a variety of new products can be created from your licensed packaging. Using secondary raw materials made from recycled materials instead of primary raw materials saves natural resources. As the Reclay system is what is known as an exemption system in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance, it satisfies 100% of the legal requirements for packaging licensing . This means that you’re always firmly on the right side of the law.

So that your packaging can undergo a high-quality recycling process, we and activate – by Reclay make this as easy as we can for you. You have free choice of your licensing frequency, which means that you can license your sales volumes at the start of the year and repeat this process during the year if your forecasts do not quite work out. Or, you can choose regular licensing based on your expected sales figures. Regardless of which licensing frequency you choose, activate – by Reclay always offers you all of its advantages, including quick and easy packaging licensing that allows you to comply with your legal obligations pursuant to Packaging Ordinance. All this is possible without minimum order volumes or long-term contract commitments.

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